We take your privacy seriously and this privacy statement explains how (collectively, “we”, “us”, or “our”) collect, use, share and process your information.

Collection and Use of Personal Data

Personal data means any information that can identify you directly or indirectly. It also includes anonymous data that is connected to information that can identify you directly or indirectly. Personal data does not include data that has been changed or combined in a way that it cannot help us, with or without other information, to identify you.

Promoting Safety and Security

We follow the principles of lawfulness, fairness, and transparency, and only use and process the minimum data for a specific purpose. We also take technical and administrative steps to protect the data’s security. We use personal data to help check accounts and user activities, and to promote safety and security, such as by monitoring fraud and investigating suspicious or illegal activities or breaches of our terms or policies. We do this based on our legitimate interest in ensuring the safety of our products and services.

Here is a description of the types of personal data we may collect and how we may use it:

What Personal Data We Collect

ⅰ. Data you provide:

We collect the personal data you give us when you use our products and services or interact with us in other ways, such as when you create an account, contact us, use our online help or online chat tool. If you buy something, we collect personal data related to the purchase. This data includes your billing, shipping, and contact details.

ⅱ. Data about use of our services and products:

When you visit our websites, we may collect data about the device you use, such as its unique identifier, IP address, operating system, browser type, usage information, diagnostic information, and location information from or about the computers, phones, or other devices that you use to access our products or services.

How We Use Your Personal Data

In general, we use personal data to provide, improve, and develop our products and services, to communicate with you, to offer you relevant products and services, and to protect us and our customers.

ⅰ. Providing, improving, and developing our products and services:

We use personal data to help us provide, improve, and develop our products and services. This includes using personal data for things like data analysis and research. We do this based on our legitimate interest in offering you products and services and for business continuity. If you join a promotion, we may use the personal data you give us to run those programs. Some of these activities have extra rules, which may have more details about how we use personal data, so we suggest you read those rules carefully before joining.

ⅱ. Communicating with you:

We may use your personal data for different purposes, but only if you agree to it. These purposes include:

  • Sending you emails about our products and services that you might like.
  • Replying to your questions or requests when you contact us.
  • Making your experience with our products and services and other websites and apps more enjoyable and relevant.
  • Measuring how well our marketing campaigns work.

You can change your mind at any time and stop receiving emails from us or our partners. Just contact us and let us know. You can also contact us if you have any questions about how we use your personal data.

Definition of “Cookies”

Cookies are bits of text that we use to remember things about you on the web. Cookies help us and other websites and apps to know who you are and what you like. We also use other things, like data we save on your browser or device, or codes that we link to your device, to do the same thing. In this Cookie Statement, we call all of these things “cookies”.

Use of Cookies

We use cookies to make our products and services better for you. Cookies help us to show you things you might like, to know how you use our websites and services, and to keep you safe online. The cookies we use may be different depending on what websites and services you use.

Disclosure of Personal Data

We share some of your personal data with our partners who help us to provide and improve our products and services or who help us to reach out to you. We only share your personal data with these companies for these reasons; we do not share it with other companies for their own marketing unless you agree to it.

Data Disclosure or Storage, Transfer, and Processing

ⅰ. Fulfillment of legal obligations:

If you live in the European Economic Area (EEA) or a country that has certain laws about personal data, we have to follow those laws. This means that when we use your personal data, we will only do so if you agree to it, as stated in Article 6(1) of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) (“GDPR”).

ⅱ. Legal compliance and security or protect other rights

We may have to share your personal data with the authorities in or outside your country if the law says so or if we think it is needed for national security, law enforcement, or other public reasons.

Your Rights

We try to keep your personal data correct and up to date. You can ask us to show, change, or delete your personal data. You can also ask us to stop using your personal data or to send it to you in a common format. You can complain to the authority that oversees how we use your personal data. To protect your privacy and security, we may ask you for some information to prove who you are and that you have the right to see or change your personal data. Sometimes we may not be able to do what you ask because of the law or other reasons. You can contact us to use your rights. We will reply to you as soon as possible, and no later than 30 days.

Third-Party Websites and Services

We are not in charge of how other websites that work with us use your personal data. Our websites, products, and services may have links to or let you use other websites, products, and services that are not ours. We are not responsible for how they use your personal data or what they say or do. This Privacy Statement only applies to how we use your personal data. We suggest you read the privacy policies of any other website, product, or service before you use them.

Data Security, Integrity, and Retention

We use different ways to protect your personal data from being misused or accessed by someone who is not allowed to. We will keep your personal data for as long as we need it for the reasons we told you in this Privacy Statement, or as long as the law says we can or must.

Changes to This Privacy Statement

We may change this Privacy Statement from time to time to keep up with new changes in technology, how we do business, and the law. If you keep using our products and services after we change the Privacy Statement, it means that you agree to the new Privacy Statement. If you do not agree to the new Privacy Statement, please stop using our products or services and contact us to close your account.